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  • Name                  :     Jaaxy
  • Function              :     Keyword Research Tool
  • Address               :     Jaaxy website 
  • Cost                     :     Free Trial  (maximum 30 searches); for more features: Pro, $19 /month, $80  /; Enterprise, $49 /month, $ 200 /year.
  • Recommendation:     Recommended


What is a Keyword Research Tool

Two ways affiliate marketing can make money are from the advertisements run on the site or from sales commission from advertised products. To get sufficient clicks on advertisements or sales through the site, the site must get a significant amount of visitors.

To gain a lot of visitors, an affiliate site needs get good ranking on search engines. The site is expected to show in the top search results (preferable, as the topmost result) when Google search engine users search look for specific information. To obtain such performance, site content should include specific words the internet users look for.

A keyword research tool helps affiliate marketers to do a research on words search engine users frequently look when searching for information.

How a keyword research tool works and its features

The keywords to include in website content should maintain a balance between (a) relevancy of the words with the content, (b) word popularity on search engines, and (c) competition among sites that also include the words to gain visitors. A keyword research tool works by analyzing the word’s use on the internet and its capability to boost the affiliate site popularity on search results. Thus a keyword research tool should be able to give the following data:

searches: total number of searches for the word (the higher the better)

traffic: the predicted traffic to the site if the keyword is included in the site content (higher is better)

competition: how many other sites include the same keyword (less competition is good).

Other useful features:

A keyword research tool should also include a list manager to save the research results, as affiliate marketers might need to research many keyword possibilities at one time. The capability to list the words in a table is a very useful feature.

 Jaaxy and its features

One of available keyword research tools online is Jaaxy. It is a keyword research tool specifically developed for affiliate marketing purpose.


What Jaaxy can do

Jaaxy can certainly do what a basic keyword research must do, which is researching keywords. The  looked-up keyword result properties displayed are total searches, traffic, competition, and the capability to show the “strength” of specific keywords (as article power and PPC Power)

As addition to the basic features, Jaaxy can also suggest alternative relevant keywords which are considered correlated to the examined keywords.

There are also features such as domain search, site rank analysis, alphabet soup searches, and other features (subject to subscription type).

Jaaxy also gives downloadable bonuses, which are low competition keywords, a trick to work with niches, and  a secret about domain industry (all in PDF format).

To see how Jaaxy works, try below (requires free account setup):


Joining fee and features according to subscription type

  • Free Trial   : Free (maximum 30 searches and some features)
  • Pro              :  $19 /month; $80  /year (unlimited searches, analysis, higher speed, and other features)
  • Enterprise  :  $49 /month; $ 200 /year (everything from Pro, even higher speed, automated domain search, and more features).

For more detailed information on the categories, see here.

Is it worth it?

First things first. Keyword research is a definite requirement for an affiliate site. An affiliate marketing program might have included a free keyword research tool to help affiliate marketers building their site content. Although usually the free tool serves only basic functions, it might be sufficient for a beginner marketer during initial site development. Some might find it quite useful for a long run.

A more extensive and powerful keyword research tool, such as Jaaxy  may be required as the site becomes more mature, or better yet, has produced money. To get the feel of how it helps affiliate marketers, a free trial account (which is good for 30 searches) is available.

I’d suggest to take the free trial first, and then go to paid membership (Pro or Enterprise) after the 30 searches are exhausted to get a feel if it is really necessary. If you consider doing so, just click here.

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