(1) Welcome to how to earn money from the internet

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What you’ll gain from this site

This site will teach on how to generate income from the internet.

How it will be done?

Through affiliate marketingIt is a very popular and proven way to earn money from the internet.

This site will provide you with complete knowledge on affiliate marketing basics. You will learn to build your own website whose visitors who will become your own customers.

The benefits of learning affiliate marketing at affiliatemarketingdebunked.com

It will explain affiliate marketing from zero. You will be supplied with complete easy to learn lessons to ease entry into the affiliate marketing business.

What this page 1 will help you with

This is the first article of the 7 lessons (pages, selectable from the menu).

It gives the description, benefit, and structure of this site.

Site structure

This site contains two main sections: the lessons section and the support tools.

The lesson section comprises 7 pages. The pages give description and explanations on business, marketing, affiliate marketing, and a sample affiliate marketing course.

The support tools presents useful tools which will greatly improve an affiliate marketing business.

For easy navigation, the pages are numbered in sequence as follows:

  1. Basic points of business
  2. Some marketing theory
  3. General description about affiliate marketing
  4. Requirements for an affiliate marketing business
  5. Introduction to wealthyaffiliate.com, an affiliate marketing course
  6. Tips for joining wealthyaffiliate.com
  7. [Support and tools section] Recommended tools for a successful affiliate marketing business.

Tips for using this site

It is advised to read the articles in sequence without skipping a step. It will result in much better comprehension.

Do not to rush the lessons. Allocating sufficient time for a clear reading will improve comprehension of the pages.

To go to another page directly, just click on the list in the menu on the top of the page.

We expect this site will bring you benefit and we wish you success and prosperity from your learning and effort.

It is recommended to bookmark this page, share it on your social media pages now.

To start learning affiliate marketing, click  here, lesson (2) general knowledge on business.

However, if you want to get into the business immediately, just click here to join my recommended one.

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an easy introduction to affiliate marketing